Monday, March 2, 2009

New Year is going very fast.

This year is flying, and the economy is dying. The new film The Obama Deception is going to ship soon, so go to and order yourselves a copy. There is a petition going around that looks like a good one to sign at Sign the Health Revolution Petition now! I wish that there was some bright spot on the horizon for us to look for, but I can't see it. It looks as if the USS Lollypop is going down with all hands aboard, save for the Banksters, and the other NWO types that have done this to the country.
The Few, the Proud, and the still Employed, seems to be as good a saying as any. Hopefully this time around the people will wise up, and realize that the two party system is really, THEM AGAINST US. One Trillion for defense, is about, oh, One Trillion too much. We need to BUILD things in this country, not blow things up in others. Well we shall sow our own destruction I think, for we have been so dumbed down in this country we cannot see the folly of our actions.
So many Americans are going to suffer so the greedy can prosper. I just hope to god that soon we will awake from our slumber. After all the answer to 1984 is 1776 .

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