Sunday, March 15, 2009

Larry McDonald talks about the NWO

God, one must think what it would have been like if we would have had the Internet sooner that we did. Until this video had surfaced a few months back in 2008 I had completely forgotten about it. When I started to watch it back then, the whole thing came flooding back into my mind. Wow, a quarter of a century had passed, but the time of Larry McDonald came storming back into my head. This guy went way up the charts after this interview. This guy had it all, and HE single handly dispealed the myth of the John Birch Society that had been in the public mind since the picture of the person holding a JBS sign on the day of the Kennedy assassination.

My father, and I watched that interview live that night as it was one of our favorite shows to watch. More than a few things took place on that epic interview. One, back then you kind of felt sorry for Braden, because he was kind of old I think, versus the ever nimble linguist Pat Buchanan. Until, that is, when Larry McDonald exposed him to be a true insider of the various NWO organizations. It was like a stage line holding a weight on a pully when the line breaks, one star rises, and another comes crashing down. Two, Larry McDonald expoused what most of us felt very strongly about, and that was the right to bear arms for every citizen, and we were strongly against communisum, and for the Republic of the United States.

Now who's to say what might have been had Ronald Reagun not had almost been murdered, for during the debates against Jimmy Carter, you had to say he had looked very good. Of course you knew that the mishap in the Desert of Iran, and the holdup of the release of the hostages from Iran at that time cost Jimmy the election, you still had to say Carter did not do too bad of a job. Oh sure the Panama Canal issue hurt him also, but while we still thought some of the assassinations of our leaders had been conspiracy's, we still felt that on the whole We The People still had some control. But, by the time of this interview we'd, had enough of Reagun by then, but there was no one on the horizon in 1984 until this interview.

Thanks today to the power of the internet, you get a chance to see something that happened on T.V that caused all who watched it live that day to just sit back, and watch without commenting, or talking during the airing. You get to see a man WITHOUT A SCRIPT, and by himself, not only take on two of the best one, two interview punchers at the time, but totally kick butt. It was like after the show, we were all going WHO IS THIS GUY, and how can we see more of him ? Years ago we were raised, and I raised my daughter the same way, to look a person in the eye to get the measure of them, for it is the only way you can tell if they are telling the truth. Larry McDonald was one of those guys that when you looked at him, he looked right back at you, and talked from right off the top of his head with the measure of a man that not only knew what he was talking about, but that knew that you knew also. I have on this blog a movie by a man that does the same thing as Larry Mcdonald did back then, by the name of Alex Jones. The movie you want to watch first of his on this blog, is MASTERS OF TERROR. If you come to visit this blog, and read it, please watch the Larry McDonald interview, then watch the Masters of Terror movie on the Blinkx wall, and see if you can see the same similarity in the two.

The shock we all felt the day that we heard the news his plane being shot down, and with it OUR DREAMS that a JFK/RFK kind of guy was going to win the coming election for President I cannot describe. save for the feeling of being PUNCHED IN THE GUT. So watch this clip with the feeling of what I have described to you, AND THINK.

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