Friday, January 2, 2009

The Coming New Year

Just when you think the other years you have lived have been fast, the latest one takes the cake. This one looks as if it will be a bad one, if the Xmas season is used to go by. Volume of shipments where I work was really down from the slower last year Xmas time. There was a week or so before Xmas where it looked like mid January for shipments. The American family, along with our global families will face a dire threat from the Powers That Be. The early threat will be de-flation around the world, that while in some cases will save us some spending monies in some products, but will also put pressure on the business's that we work for, or own. This will cause a retrenchment in our spending that will also cause future job losses. As the cycle feeds upon itself, and with the help of the MSM to highlight the problem, which adds to the distress that we shall feel, this could take some time to play out. Some people such as myself have purchased products for our cave dwelling, to help lessen future entertainment costs, or future technology costs, and so we have now exhausted our needs, or desires for such products. Where do we go from here ?

A lot will have to do how we see the world, are things happening by Accident, or by Design ? We are taught in school from early age that Leaders, both good, and bad are the ones that decide our course in history. As societies come to a end, the people start to see through that concept, and look at the power behind these leaders as a truer cause of what is going on. By then the Powers That Be, have almost full control of what they were trying to do, and so the chance of fixing things diminish. Like now we are forced to the bottom of Maslow's pyramid, to the basic of our needs. Since our current society in the USA is the most Mind Controlled in our known human history, this does not bode well for the rest of the world. We have been under direct assualt since the public coup in this country on November 22, 1963, with the murder of our President JFK. Prior to that we were under assualt, but it was more behind the scenes, and while some knew about what was going on, they were shut up, or forced out, or were killed off by so called accidents, or by murder of a person who was named, or killed at the scene of the crime. Surfice to say we are closer to the end than we are to the beginning of what has been going on. What are we going to do about it ?

The most important thing to do is help deprogram the people of this country so we can take action to help prevent what is going on, or to at least lessen the impact of what happens by having a informed public, so were not being stampeded into doing something that is not to our benefit, or to the worlds. This takes time of course, there are so many blind trails for us to go along it sure seems hopeless if we think about it in total. Right now the important thing to keep in mind, is everyone we can make aware of what is going on, is one less person running with the throng when they are stampeded. One step at a time is the way of the infantry, and so it should be ours also. We are marching towards a final confrontation, so we don't bicker amongst ourselves over a bummed smoke, last hand at the barracks card game, or a home sent piece of cake we did not get, for the fight ahead will consume us all, and we will need all of us to defeat the people we are going to do battle with. The same has to happen to the people in the so-called TRUTH MOVEMENT, petty infighting will not be allowed, nor will we be baited into engaging of such behavior, we will also ignore the ones that do so. What is the most important thing we can do ?

The single most important thing we can do, is for us to keep ourselves awake, and to keep our own minds as fully open as we can. There are lot of ideas out there, and we as humans seek the ONE GREAT TRUTH, as if there can only be one. The closest idea I have read about is we are all just one sensory point of some greater whole. While for the most part we here are facing the same direction, and moving in it with our oar in the water, by doing that in a row boat, all we do is travel in a circle. I guess the precepts of the French Revolution are some good rules to follow, LIBERTY, EQUALITY, and FRATERNITY. The journey we are on is one step at a time. One thing I do is when someone talks of some boogyman, or group, or idea, as being the culprit, I comment that with what if someone were to do that to us ? If you have debated subjects with someone you know you can take either side, and make well founded points for that being the truth. This is why the ONE GREAT TRUTH is not going to happen. I know one thing secrecy is our greatest enemy. There is no need for secrets of anykind, anywhere no matter how pervasive the argument is for it. Look at some things going on now, governments are making the case the person does not need to have secrets, BUT THEY DO. Why is that ? mmmmmmm. I will go along with the idea that we don't need personal secrets as long as they OPEN UP FIRST. The government is US, and it is for US, there is no need for secrecy in it. This is what we are fighting against now in the TRUTH MOVEMENT, we are tying to get the real truth of things out there for people to see. Getting to the real truth is hard because of secrecy in what our government does. We have to break this circle, and stand together as one to demand that everything in this country becomes open, no matter what other countries choose to do. It is only then we can make a true assessment of what we have, what we need, and how to best get to where we want to be. Our future will be brighter if we can do the one great thing we can all do, and that is KEEP YOUR MIND OPEN.

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