Sunday, October 2, 2011


CIA Target Their Own Asset: Nightly News Report


During the news blitz, Infowars Nightly News discusses top al Qaeda operative and CIA double-agent Anwar al-Awlaki, who was reportedly killed by a predator drone in Libya. Documents now famously prove that he dined at the Pentagon with top brass just months after 9/11, despite being connected to at least three hijackers and being interviewed by the FBI multiple times. Awlaki has since emerged as a key link between dozens of alleged terror plots inside the U.S. and abroad, including the Ft. Hood shootings, the Underwear Bomber, shoebomber Richard Reid and more.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Great interview on the Alex Jones Nightly News show. Please join Prison Planet TV.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011





9/11 Truth Rock

On that September day
While the world was sleepin’
New york was screamin’
What the hell is going on?

On that September day
The only thing we heard
Was the crash heard round the world
Will we ever be the same?
will we ever be the same?
The same?

On that September day
Many lives were lost
That can’t be replaced
They calculate the cost

Will we ever be the same?
I don’t think so
I don’t think so
Illuminate yourself
It’s time
To know the human farm
Is to escape the human farm
9/11 truth

Looking back on that September day
The more I grow and see the American ways
The more I see what the games they play
On the nations of the world

Take a stand give 9/11 truth a helping hand
Take a stand get your head out of the sand

Illuminate yourself and see what WTC is all about
Listen to the truthers when they scream and shout

Talk about murder talk about treason
They do it for a very good reason

The greatest crime of our time
Done by the filthy slime

Ask those leaders of the nation
Why they have no legitimate explanation

Ask those leaders of the nation
Why no criminal investigation

So take a stand take 9/11 Truth from the man
Take a stand get your head out of the sand

Illuminate yourself, Scream!
What could that be?
Controlled demolitions for the whole world to see

Building 7 came down
Later that day
No plane hit it
That’s what everybody wants to say

47 stories tall
Before it took the fall
The media forgot about it
Then they dropped the ball

What’s most surprising was the highjacker’s DNA
It survived that crash to see another day
But those steel titanium engines
They didn’t make it
They disintegrated
They didn’t find one bit

There’s a lot more to say about that terrible day
But hey don’t believe me I’m just the singer here
Besides I just want to get a cold beer
So get some 9/11 truth
Find out
Future’s at stake
Come on now!

Take a stand
Take a stand
Is Your head buried in the sand?

Well we’re not finished with all this shit
We still haven’t talked about the pentagon hit

The jet plane that caused all the destruction
Terrorist pilot with little instruction
How could that be?

Take a stand
Get your head out of the sand

Don’t forget about flight 93
It crashed in Shanksville
That’s where it’s supposed to be

But wait a minute
They found debris 8 miles away
It must of been a strong wind that carried it away

Take a stand
Take a stand
Take a stand

9/11 truth
It’s time

Anyways, we want to know why Building 7 went down that terrible day? It was NOT hit by a plane and most Americans’ don’t even know or have even heard of Building 7 because the main stream media has completely ignored it. It is truly amazing.

And so, 10 years on, Americans still own the Bush legacy and we are still paying for it. Is it not time for the truth?

The song is free to download, you can find the link on this page.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Great article spells it all out.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


First rate report by Bob Chapman on the coming financial problems facing the World.

Friday, May 27, 2011


Alex Jones called for a rally at the Texas Capital to protest a precedent setting vote to keep the T.S.A out of peoples pants BY LAW, that was unanimously voted if favor in the house, but due to pressure by the State of Texas Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, was withdrawn before a vote could be took upon the measure.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The Alex Jones show has posted widgets that you can use in your blogs to put the show on your web page.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


This is one powerful speech, Bob lays it all out from A-Z. It is a must see for everyone !

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Alex Jones: Americans have a gun to their heads

This is one of the greatest interviews you will ever see. Media organizations such as Russia Today, and Press TV are quickly usurping the old guard media outlets as the main standard bearers of truth.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


The new Alex Jones film is out, and it is GREAT. Watch it at the lower part of this blog.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine Flu Again.

The first time I heard about Swine Flu was in late 1976 when word came down to my company that we were all going to get the Vaccine. Since I was close to getting out of the military I asked if I had to get it also. It was required, and no one could leave Europe without receiving it. They had a temp shot clinic set up over our mess hall, as my platoon went on its 4 day break we went to get the shots. So as the line led outside the room you could not see what was going on till you were in it. Inside the room on the wall near the where the doctors, and nurses were, there was three GI's with respirators on. They explained that if we had adverse reactions to the shots that's what they were for. As you can imagine if we had three, and they were all in use, it did not seem to bode well for us there. We handed our shot cards to the nurse to record it, and then received the three shot complex. Two needle shots, and one with a air gun. I mean you could feel this stuff going in you, and I was twenty, and in perfect shape. After the shot we had to stand behind the where the respirators were in case of reaction. I had no reaction so it was from there to the mess hall for evening chow.

So the chat during meal was about the shots, and someone from another platoon said when they had it they got really sick. Well, we ate big of course, but by about a half hour after the shots we were all feeling like we were getting sick. One guy split to stay at his girlfriends apartment, and me, and our other roommate were left in our three man room. Being break we opened some double bock beer, and put on some jams. By the first beer we drank we both went to our bunks to lay down, as we were having some high fevers, and chills. What a group of shots they were, as I never felt so sick in my life. The first 24 hours I barely remember as it was sleep, wake up, and vomit, and back to sleep. The hallway to the bath/shower rooms were filled with vomit, as was the bathroom itself. The second 24 hours were better, as we were devoid of anything in our stomachs, but the heaving was worse as nothing came up when we did. Also we were walking somewhat to the bathroom instead of crawling to it by then. The severe weakness was over, but every joint ached when used. The next 24 hour period was filled with big chunks of sleep, with getting up to urinate, and to fill up our canteens with water.

The last 24 hour period from getting the shots, and before we began our 3 days of details around the barracks before our regular tour of duty resumed, we rejoined the living by going to the mess hall for some chow after 3 days of not eating. We were told by our top kick that our detail period was going to be cleaning up the barracks from our sickness. What a horror show the place was, as everything that can come out of the human body was there on the floors. We thought at the time, because of talk about going to Korea if things broke down there, and the North crossed into the south, that that was what the Vaccine was for, as none of us had heard of this Swine Flu before these shots. That was the First, and the Last time I ever got a Flu Shot. In later years I found out that the only people to die of Swine Flu then were the people that got the vaccine. At twenty it rocked my boat, and with no drugs to take, only water, it was a bad time. The people that died from it were the old, and the young that could not handle the shock to their systems the Vaccine gave them.

This new current strain seems to be some sort of unnatural combinate mixture of a variety of Flu types. I put up some RSS feeds from this site that detail what is going in the Flu news.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Larry McDonald talks about the NWO

God, one must think what it would have been like if we would have had the Internet sooner that we did. Until this video had surfaced a few months back in 2008 I had completely forgotten about it. When I started to watch it back then, the whole thing came flooding back into my mind. Wow, a quarter of a century had passed, but the time of Larry McDonald came storming back into my head. This guy went way up the charts after this interview. This guy had it all, and HE single handly dispealed the myth of the John Birch Society that had been in the public mind since the picture of the person holding a JBS sign on the day of the Kennedy assassination.

My father, and I watched that interview live that night as it was one of our favorite shows to watch. More than a few things took place on that epic interview. One, back then you kind of felt sorry for Braden, because he was kind of old I think, versus the ever nimble linguist Pat Buchanan. Until, that is, when Larry McDonald exposed him to be a true insider of the various NWO organizations. It was like a stage line holding a weight on a pully when the line breaks, one star rises, and another comes crashing down. Two, Larry McDonald expoused what most of us felt very strongly about, and that was the right to bear arms for every citizen, and we were strongly against communisum, and for the Republic of the United States.

Now who's to say what might have been had Ronald Reagun not had almost been murdered, for during the debates against Jimmy Carter, you had to say he had looked very good. Of course you knew that the mishap in the Desert of Iran, and the holdup of the release of the hostages from Iran at that time cost Jimmy the election, you still had to say Carter did not do too bad of a job. Oh sure the Panama Canal issue hurt him also, but while we still thought some of the assassinations of our leaders had been conspiracy's, we still felt that on the whole We The People still had some control. But, by the time of this interview we'd, had enough of Reagun by then, but there was no one on the horizon in 1984 until this interview.

Thanks today to the power of the internet, you get a chance to see something that happened on T.V that caused all who watched it live that day to just sit back, and watch without commenting, or talking during the airing. You get to see a man WITHOUT A SCRIPT, and by himself, not only take on two of the best one, two interview punchers at the time, but totally kick butt. It was like after the show, we were all going WHO IS THIS GUY, and how can we see more of him ? Years ago we were raised, and I raised my daughter the same way, to look a person in the eye to get the measure of them, for it is the only way you can tell if they are telling the truth. Larry McDonald was one of those guys that when you looked at him, he looked right back at you, and talked from right off the top of his head with the measure of a man that not only knew what he was talking about, but that knew that you knew also. I have on this blog a movie by a man that does the same thing as Larry Mcdonald did back then, by the name of Alex Jones. The movie you want to watch first of his on this blog, is MASTERS OF TERROR. If you come to visit this blog, and read it, please watch the Larry McDonald interview, then watch the Masters of Terror movie on the Blinkx wall, and see if you can see the same similarity in the two.

The shock we all felt the day that we heard the news his plane being shot down, and with it OUR DREAMS that a JFK/RFK kind of guy was going to win the coming election for President I cannot describe. save for the feeling of being PUNCHED IN THE GUT. So watch this clip with the feeling of what I have described to you, AND THINK.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Alex explains early release of OBAMA DECEPTION

As a Member of
I hope that all of you who have loved ones you care about will spend the 54.00 usd annual fee, and become a member here also. This station is sponsored by the members, and by the advertisers who sell products that everyone can use. Information is the key. If you have found your way here, feel free to link to this blog, or to use it in posts on other sites to get the message out.



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New Year is going very fast.

This year is flying, and the economy is dying. The new film The Obama Deception is going to ship soon, so go to and order yourselves a copy. There is a petition going around that looks like a good one to sign at Sign the Health Revolution Petition now! I wish that there was some bright spot on the horizon for us to look for, but I can't see it. It looks as if the USS Lollypop is going down with all hands aboard, save for the Banksters, and the other NWO types that have done this to the country.
The Few, the Proud, and the still Employed, seems to be as good a saying as any. Hopefully this time around the people will wise up, and realize that the two party system is really, THEM AGAINST US. One Trillion for defense, is about, oh, One Trillion too much. We need to BUILD things in this country, not blow things up in others. Well we shall sow our own destruction I think, for we have been so dumbed down in this country we cannot see the folly of our actions.
So many Americans are going to suffer so the greedy can prosper. I just hope to god that soon we will awake from our slumber. After all the answer to 1984 is 1776 .

Friday, January 2, 2009

The Coming New Year

Just when you think the other years you have lived have been fast, the latest one takes the cake. This one looks as if it will be a bad one, if the Xmas season is used to go by. Volume of shipments where I work was really down from the slower last year Xmas time. There was a week or so before Xmas where it looked like mid January for shipments. The American family, along with our global families will face a dire threat from the Powers That Be. The early threat will be de-flation around the world, that while in some cases will save us some spending monies in some products, but will also put pressure on the business's that we work for, or own. This will cause a retrenchment in our spending that will also cause future job losses. As the cycle feeds upon itself, and with the help of the MSM to highlight the problem, which adds to the distress that we shall feel, this could take some time to play out. Some people such as myself have purchased products for our cave dwelling, to help lessen future entertainment costs, or future technology costs, and so we have now exhausted our needs, or desires for such products. Where do we go from here ?

A lot will have to do how we see the world, are things happening by Accident, or by Design ? We are taught in school from early age that Leaders, both good, and bad are the ones that decide our course in history. As societies come to a end, the people start to see through that concept, and look at the power behind these leaders as a truer cause of what is going on. By then the Powers That Be, have almost full control of what they were trying to do, and so the chance of fixing things diminish. Like now we are forced to the bottom of Maslow's pyramid, to the basic of our needs. Since our current society in the USA is the most Mind Controlled in our known human history, this does not bode well for the rest of the world. We have been under direct assualt since the public coup in this country on November 22, 1963, with the murder of our President JFK. Prior to that we were under assualt, but it was more behind the scenes, and while some knew about what was going on, they were shut up, or forced out, or were killed off by so called accidents, or by murder of a person who was named, or killed at the scene of the crime. Surfice to say we are closer to the end than we are to the beginning of what has been going on. What are we going to do about it ?

The most important thing to do is help deprogram the people of this country so we can take action to help prevent what is going on, or to at least lessen the impact of what happens by having a informed public, so were not being stampeded into doing something that is not to our benefit, or to the worlds. This takes time of course, there are so many blind trails for us to go along it sure seems hopeless if we think about it in total. Right now the important thing to keep in mind, is everyone we can make aware of what is going on, is one less person running with the throng when they are stampeded. One step at a time is the way of the infantry, and so it should be ours also. We are marching towards a final confrontation, so we don't bicker amongst ourselves over a bummed smoke, last hand at the barracks card game, or a home sent piece of cake we did not get, for the fight ahead will consume us all, and we will need all of us to defeat the people we are going to do battle with. The same has to happen to the people in the so-called TRUTH MOVEMENT, petty infighting will not be allowed, nor will we be baited into engaging of such behavior, we will also ignore the ones that do so. What is the most important thing we can do ?

The single most important thing we can do, is for us to keep ourselves awake, and to keep our own minds as fully open as we can. There are lot of ideas out there, and we as humans seek the ONE GREAT TRUTH, as if there can only be one. The closest idea I have read about is we are all just one sensory point of some greater whole. While for the most part we here are facing the same direction, and moving in it with our oar in the water, by doing that in a row boat, all we do is travel in a circle. I guess the precepts of the French Revolution are some good rules to follow, LIBERTY, EQUALITY, and FRATERNITY. The journey we are on is one step at a time. One thing I do is when someone talks of some boogyman, or group, or idea, as being the culprit, I comment that with what if someone were to do that to us ? If you have debated subjects with someone you know you can take either side, and make well founded points for that being the truth. This is why the ONE GREAT TRUTH is not going to happen. I know one thing secrecy is our greatest enemy. There is no need for secrets of anykind, anywhere no matter how pervasive the argument is for it. Look at some things going on now, governments are making the case the person does not need to have secrets, BUT THEY DO. Why is that ? mmmmmmm. I will go along with the idea that we don't need personal secrets as long as they OPEN UP FIRST. The government is US, and it is for US, there is no need for secrecy in it. This is what we are fighting against now in the TRUTH MOVEMENT, we are tying to get the real truth of things out there for people to see. Getting to the real truth is hard because of secrecy in what our government does. We have to break this circle, and stand together as one to demand that everything in this country becomes open, no matter what other countries choose to do. It is only then we can make a true assessment of what we have, what we need, and how to best get to where we want to be. Our future will be brighter if we can do the one great thing we can all do, and that is KEEP YOUR MIND OPEN.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The First Post Is ALWAYS the Hardest

I, like most of us, feel that we know something about everything, but that often is not the case. It takes a lifetime to get there, and there are few shortcuts. Even after having lived for a long time, a lot of us still don't know what we want to do. We have a idea of what we enjoy of course, and what we like, or dislike, but we are still searching for the THING. I am starting this blogg mainly because of what is going on in the world today. Where our society is going, and why it is going to hell in a hurry.

This is the first time I have ever seen the economy this slow. Sure at the age of 53, I have seen slow periods, but back then we had a manufacturing base. What is going on now I have not seen before, and it is freaking me out. How have we came to be in such a total global mess ? How are we going to survive what is coming towards us ? We turn on the TV, and see the same old movies playing, and the daily weather reports, and think that all is normal. The news shows have started telling how bad things are, but we can feel they are far worse than what is being said, simply by looking around us. The waiting is like in a hospital room where the patient is near death, and we just don't know what to do, or say. Sad, mad, and fearful all at the same time. If the finish line is Xmas for the year end, then we are crawling towards it will all our last bit of strength.

Information is the key that is going to help stop what is going on around us. It is towards that end, that I am starting this blog. I am starting to load up some Alex Jones films at this site The first film I put up there is called ENDGAME. It deals with the formation of the Global power structure called the Bilderberg group, named after the place they first met years ago. In parts 2, 3, and 4 the film gets into the meat of what the film is really about, and that is EUGENICS. Since I loaded it up on there, the site went to a new upload system that only takes smaller file sizes, so I have to redo the next film TERRORSTORM that I had ready to upload.

Well I hope that if you read this weblog, that you go to the site to watch the film, and will watch the other ones that I load up in the future. If you like music this is a cool site you can go to make your own playlist of some of your favorite songs. Here is mine