Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Alex Jones: Secret Copenhagen Documents Leaked


  1. hey Mprck,

    I saw your comment about Liberty Music on infowars. I'm a musician but not much for the lyrics side. I can produce finished pieces in my own studio but I need some lyrics. Do you know of any good ones that I can use if I am willing to release the music free?

  2. I would put the music up without the lyrics, and ask for people to help contribute to it. I would start a google blogspot as facebook has a lot of problem links to it, and have your setting set to sign in with a google account so that you can contact the people. If try it yourself look to some phrases that Alex uses on his show. You can even contact the boy's at infowars for help after you post the music on you tube. Contact me through email, or on my youtube page.